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 Whiting & Co. Entertainment is a core group of creative live-events video production, commercial video production, studio editing and animation professionals with decades of experience working together and in various configurations meeting the specific needs of clients throughout the entertainment and corporate communications industries.  

The group is led by Producer/Director, Steve Whiting, whose broadcast career began in the seventies working as an assistant music producer on  "Peanuts" and evolved through experience in the music, broadcast, ad-agency, corporate and sports video production and live-events presentation industries.  Some early TV shows he created dating back to the early eighties continue to be on the air in domestic and international syndication markets today.

Steve is a safety video production innovator for large venues and events, and serves as a consultant and advisory resource to the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security.
A national award-winning broadcast, corporate video, and event-media productions company specializing in producing effective video,  multi-media presentations and live-events coverage. 
       "No matter what the technology,
         you still have to tell the story".  
                                                         -  SJW
Welcome to the Whiting & Co. Entertainment Video/Media Development Website!
Graphics Production Demo -  Mostly Featuring Work Done for the 49ers Over the Last Several Years