Steve Whiting – 

       "No matter what the techonlogy,
         you still have to tell the story".  
                                                         -  SJW
A national, award-winning broadcast, corporate video, and event-media productions company specializing in producing effective video,  multi-media presentations and live-events coverage. 

Whiting and Co. joined forces with Live Action Digital in the mid-nineties to combine years of creative design video/media, broadcast production and directing experience with the very most up-to-date digital studio, 3-D graphics and animation,  videoboard content creation, editing and creative talent services.  These services include Architectural Visual Design for "CAD Virtual Reality"
We have multiple FTP- interconnected and affiliated editing facilities locations with several suites available. The largest of these and primary base of editing operations and animated graphics development is located in San Jose, Ca. and is principally owned and operated by QB White as "Live Action Digital".   Our secondary facilities use matching edit systems, platforms and protocols so that projects are seamlessly transferrable and interchangeable between them.   We are able to have different editors work on various aspects of projects utilizing their specialties of expertise, and bring all aspects together in the final mastering phase of finishing the graphics, animation or video production project.